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Employment Agency Pte Ltd
(Licence No. 655501Z) has grown to be among the top agencies in the employment industry. KSP Employment Agency, a duly registered and licensed recruitment company established in 1998, the company's activity has started with recruiting foreign candidates to the construction industry, service lines, manufacturing, shipbuilding and the logistic industry in Singapore. The nationalities of candidates that were recruited were mainly from Bangladesh, India, Thailand, Myanmar, East Malaysia and West Malaysia. Through consistent devotion and dedication from our staff to upgrade the skills of the foreign labour, we aim at providing efficient management of manpower for the Local Companies.

Our Philosophy embarks on providing a quality service, guarantee and prompt response in meeting all requests from customers as well as workers. With the right management team and excellent track records, we shall strive to be the top among employment services internationally. We are, and always will be a customer service based company that is devoted to assisting our clients finding the right candidates for their company.

Our Mission is to contribute to manpower recruitment in various industries. We also aim to enhance the dream of many foreign recruits for a better future through overseas employment. As such, we have also set up a local training center to upgrade the skills of the workers targeting to increase their productivity thus lowering your operation cost in the long run. We hired qualified instructors who will ensure the trainees are taught to pass their trade test conducted by the local authority.

We also have various investments in the training center overseas including India, Thailand, Bangladesh, Myanmar. These training centers ensured that all candidates are properly interviewed, selected and trained before they are recruited. They must also pass the trade test conducted by BCA of Singapore before they arrived in Singapore.